Independent Verification and Validation

The need for clients to hire and place independent review and assessment professionals on IT programs has become one of the most significant developments in the market today. Using IV&V we help our clients manage their risk on complex development projects to increase the likelihood of successful delivery.

Specific capabilities include:

Software Development Lifecycle Assessment

  • Assessing coding effort and comparing progress to plan
  • Assessing coding standards compliance
  • Requirements management verification
  • Configuration management
  • Software testability evaluation

Project Management Life Cycle Assessment

  • Earned value
  • Task effort analysis

Software Quality Assurance

  • Verification of third-party test results
  • Verification of in-house test results
  • Verification of test plans
  • Verification of test metrics
  • Design reviews for regression testing

Software Architecture Reviews

  • System architecture evaluation
  • Software design documentation and modeling
  • Measuring effectiveness of third party and legacy integration

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