Dnutch maintains a vital practice in the federal government sector with convenient contract vehicles for organizations such as DOD, DOT, DHS, and the FAA.

We provide a broad range of IT engineering services, ranging from technology development to process oversight and engineering services. Our role is flexible – often we are asked to develop IT solutions for clients, or provide independent verification of IT-related activities on programs and projects contracted by the federal government. Our experience, combined with business partners can provide a unified approach to the design, development, delivery and promotion (via our marketing and advertising expertise) of your project.

Our capabilities fall under 3 broad categories. Scroll down the page for detailed information or click on a hyperlink to focus on a particular category.

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Independent Verification and Validation

Using IV&V we help our federal clients manage their risk on complex development projects awarded to contractors to increase the likelihood of successful delivery. Specific capabilities include:

Software Development Lifecycle Assessment

  • Assessing coding effort and comparing progress to plan
  • Assessing coding standards compliance
  • Requirements management verification
  • Configuration management
  • Software testability evaluation

Project Management Lifecycle Assessment

  • Earned value
  • Task effort analysis

Software Quality Assurance

  • Verification of third-party test results
  • Verification of in-house test results
  • Verification of test plans
  • Verification of test metrics
  • Design reviews for regression testing

Software Architecture Reviews

  • System architecture evaluation
  • Software design documentation and modeling
  • Measuring effectiveness of third party and legacy integration

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Information Assurance

Information assurance that encompasses security, risk analysis, and verifiable design processes is a rapidly maturing field.

Dnutch’s internal expertise and federal track record enable us to assess proposed and deployed systems, suggest design and remediation strategies to help you satisfy public sector compliance requirements, including FISMA, DIACAP and cross-domain security requirements. Specific capabilities include:

Information Security

  • Security requirements
  • Security policy development
  • Threat assessment
  • Security CONOPS

Business Rules for Security

  • Business rules definition
  • Security policy development
  • Security training

Systems Architecture

  • Network security
  • Applications security
  • Database security
  • Web security
  • Net-centricity and security

Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

  • DOD C&A process (DIACAP)
  • Security audit
  • Risk analysis

Cross domain security solutions

  • Multilevel secure platforms
  • Guard systems

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Enterprise Infrastructure Design and Development

Dnutch has long-standing expertise in systems design and implementation, expertise that ensures that your design is appropriate, cost effective and reliable. Our ability to assess, design, and recommend strategies for effective implementation has resulted in successful deployment of large software and hardware systems for our commercial clients.

We will even help you promote your products through our extensive experience with technical marketing and advertising.

We have particular experience in networking transitions from IPV4 to IPV6, SNMP Version 3 for network management and the development of mission-critical application software. Much of our federal experience has been for enterprise-class systems that demand high reliability and availability. Specific capabilities include:

Network Architecture and Planning

  • Fault tolerance and capacity planning
  • Topology planning and analysis
  • Hardware selection and legacy integration impact analysis
  • Cost/Performance tradeoff analysis
  • Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) compliance

Software Design & Implementation

  • Multi-platform software development
  • Distributed system design and implementation
  • Web application development
  • Database design and implementation
  • Service-Oriented Architecure (SOA) design
  • Configuration management
  • Quality assurance planning and implementation

Network Integration, Interoperability and Performance

  • Equipment validation and verification for federal network integration
  • Performance analysis and assessment of both proposed and legacy systems
  • Federal standards compliance transition management for legacy networks

Network Management

  • Custom and off-the-shelf solution Network Management System (NMS) design for management of proposed and legacy systems
  • Deployment risk management by simulation of proposed networks (and associated NMS) using standards-based, Dnutch-developed technology


Technical Marketing & Advertising

  • Web design
  • Brand and identiy management
  • Online marketing for social media
  • Digital Advertising


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